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Where Discovery Leads: CAR-T with Jessica B. Foster, MD

Published on · Last Updated 1 year 9 months ago


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I'm Jessica Foster, I'm an Assistant Professor at the Division of Oncology here at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

I am most excited about CAR-T cell therapy for pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors because we are finally starting to see some glimmers of hope that what we're seeing pre-clinically may be able to translate into really helping patients.

We are finally moving the needle on how to deliver CAR-T cells into the central nervous system to make sure they are most effective.

And what I'm really looking forward to in the next several years are combination therapies, where we're combining different types of immunotherapy or maybe even CAR-T cells with non-immunotherapy to really push them forward and make sure they're effective for patients who have such devastating diseases where often options are quite limited. So I'm really looking forward to what's to come.