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Lab Life Video Series: Vanderver Laboratory

Published on Sep 29, 2022 · Last Updated 2 months 4 weeks ago


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Lab Life Vanderver Laboratory

Adeline Vanderver, MD, Program Director, Leukodystrophy Center: Our group studies a large group of conditions called leukodystrophies. Leukodystrophies are inherited disorders of myelin and encompass basically all the cells within the central and peripheral nervous system.

Annemarie D’ Alessandro, Research Technician: Joining this lab has been a great experience for me. There’s definitely plenty of opportunities to learn. Many of the lab members here are super friendly.

Nico Modesti, Clinical Research Coordinator: Working on this campus is fantastic. Every single day walking in not only are you walking with all the CHOP employees but all the Penn Medicine employees. So as someone who wants a career in medicine it really builds that environment. It helps solidify my career aspirations.

Jacki Erler, Clinical Research Coordinator: I also really love that we are really translational to the core. The bench team works alongside the clinical team and we talk to each other every day. We’re working with the same families. We’re working on the same goals. And I think that really helps us understand like a well-rounded picture of the work we’re doing – and that’s really unique and something you don’t get everywhere. So I really do appreciate that about this our lab.

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