The Resuscitation Science Center



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The Resuscitation Science Center seeks to firmly position Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as the leading clinical and translational critical illness research epicenter in the world, a reputation based on historical success and the emergence of numerous key opinion leaders in pediatric critical care. We will expand and accelerate this recognition by utilizing innovative translational bridges from in vitro and small animal models to transformative large animal models that have streamlined preclinical development and will lead to the production of groundbreaking therapeutics, clinical interventions, diagnostics, and biomedical devices.

At the heart of the center are our collaborative programs that already crosscut through many scientific and clinical departments within CHOP Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania to leverage our organizations’ infrastructure and brain capital. Our scientific platforms work symbiotically with well-designed existing domestic and international clinical trial networks to produce intellectual property development, corporate partnerships, and therapeutic trials that will ultimately lead to superior, cutting-edge quality of care for patients.

The current program already has numerous external corporate collaborations and academic partnerships driving innovation. The Resuscitation Science Center offers a true bench-to-bedside-to-bench approach utilizing high fidelity platforms that inform well-designed clinical trials and that lead to breakthroughs for our sickest patients.

Cornerstone Blog
Individualized Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is at the center of cardiac arrest research at CHOP.
Cornerstone Blog
An optical device could revolutionize cardiac resuscitation by providing real-time feedback to the person performing CPR.