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Behavioral Health

We are looking for girls who have a current or past diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and one parent to participate in a study to help us understand how microorganisms in the gut may change during treatment for anorexia nervosa.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate social interactions in adolescents and whether changes in information can influence social behaviors.

Project RISE (Resources and Internal Supports for Evidence-based Practices) aims to compare fidelity, penetration, cost-effectiveness, and student outcomes of mental health interventions across two sustainment models. The study also aims to explore mediators and moderators of consultation support on implementer fidelity.

The purpose of the CARE (Coaching and Asynchronous Remote Training for Evidence-Based Practices) study is to develop and test the effectiveness of a remote training platform with behavioral health staff in schools serving rural communities.

Dr. Jones is a psychological scientist with interests that lie at the intersection of developmental psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, and pediatrics. His research focuses on the risk, identification, and prevention of adolescent depression and suicide.

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Published on
Mar 7, 2022
PolicyLab’s 2022 forum, “Bridging New Partnerships, Creating Change,” will take place May 9-10 at the Kimmel Center.

This pilot study will assess these outcomes in children and young adults with PHTS ages 1 to 20 years.

Achieving optimal child health and well-being by informing program and policy changes through interdisciplinary research.

Published on
Oct 12, 2020
Learn about the research projects supported by Clinical Futures/PolicyLab Pilot Grants and how they seek to drive change in policy and practice.

Improving the safety, quality, and health outcomes of pediatric care through clinical research. PeRC’s mission is to provide the expertise and infrastructure needed to support research within the primary care setting.