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Vascular Anomalies

Published on
Jul 5, 2023
A new deep sequencing method helps researchers identify and treat previously undetectable genetic mutations related to vascular anomalies.
Published on
Feb 28, 2023
Denise Adams, MD, participated in an FDA-hosted panel discussion about improving young medical professionals’ understanding of rare diseases.
Published on
Apr 1, 2022
Learn about earn about a regional research collaboration, prestigious awards, and listen to a special podcast series.

The Consortium of iNvestigators of Vascular AnomalieS is a multi-institutional research consortium founded by a group of pediatric hematologist/oncologists and patient advocacy groups to address the rare nature of vascular anomalies and the paucity of prospective multi-centered research in this field.

Published on
Jul 17, 2020
This week’s In the News roundup features research on home nursing, COVID-19, telehealth, and thyroid cancer.

Dr. Snyder is a pediatric hematologist oncologist focused on improving the lives of people living with vascular anomalies. She is involved with national and international endeavors to create educational programs and investigational registries, investigate treatments, and author publications in this discipline.

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