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Pediatric Cancer

Published on
Nov 16, 2023
The Connor Initiative, a multimillion dollar gift from the Holveck Family, will support precision therapeutics for osteosarcoma and rare cancers.

The Mitochondria and Cancer Connections (MC2) Research program leverages knowledge from existing centers to establish a novel, cutting-edge research initiative and enable the development of mechanistic understanding and novel therapeutic opportunities at the intersection of mitochondrial disease and pediatric cancer.

Published on
Sep 30, 2022
Learn about novel findings and new grants from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers.

The goal of this observational study is to describe the safety and effectiveness of larotrectinib in patients with locally advanced or metastatic TRK fusion cancer for whom a decision to treat with larotrectinib has been made before enrollment.

Published on
Jun 29, 2022
CHOP scientists are part of a Cancer Grand Challenges team receiving $25 million to tackle solid tumors.

Dr. Weber is developing approaches to enhance CAR-T cell therapies for pediatric cancer by reprogramming T cells with improved durability and exhaustion resistance. His work will uncover molecular mechanisms that promote CAR-T cell exhaustion and identify new targets for therapeutic intervention.

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Published on
Jan 28, 2022
World-class experts will gather at CHOP summit to present on scientific advances in pediatric cancer care in the diagnostics and therapeutic space.

The overall goal of this study is to find the best strategies used by parents and patients for managing these symptoms when receiving maintenance therapy.

Published on
Sep 22, 2021
Marni Falk, MD, and Adam Resnick, PhD, to lead the Mitochondria and Cancer Connections (MC²) Research Program, a new CHOP research initiative.

The Bosse Lab focuses on the development of new immune-based therapies for neuroblastoma, an embryonal malignancy of the developing nervous system.