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Teen Driver Safety

This study is open to teens ages 16-20 who are about to receive or recently received their driver’s license, and a parent.

Published on
Oct 17, 2022
Decades-long research from CHOP informed the implementation of the Virtual Driving Assessment program in CHOP’s Care Network.

Our Driving after Concussion study needs the help of both healthy and recently concussed teen partners in our research to understand how concussion affects driving behaviors in teens.

Translating research into action to keep children, teens, and young adults safe from injury.

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Published on
Nov 16, 2018
In this week's roundup, CHOP researchers help parents avoid unnecessary ER visits, and share real-world implications of injury prevention work.
Published on
Jan 23, 2018
Child safety researchers want to reduce kids' exposure to two lethal instruments - motor vehicles and guns - to improve childhood mortality rates in U.S.