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Developmental Delay

Published on
May 1, 2023
Dr. Amy Jo Lisanti and colleagues published a call to prioritize developmental care for children with complex congenital heart disease.

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Published on
Apr 27, 2020
A protein defect affects a process called glycosylation, and results in developmental delay and intellectual disability.
Published on
Oct 3, 2019
Researchers have identified a gene mutation that causes developmental delay, intellectual disability, behavioral abnormalities and musculoskeletal problems in children.
Published on
Feb 22, 2019
Balancing analgesia and opioid stewardship — two priorities of orthopedic surgeons. Research by Apurva Shah, MD, shows opioid overprescription.
Published on
Jul 29, 2016
Welcome back to another weekly edition of our roundup of research news from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia! One of the things that is so exciting about research at CHOP is that our researchers are working to improve the health and lives of children in such a broad range of ways.
Published on
Dec 9, 2015
Half of infants born with severe congenital heart disease go on to develop neurodevelopmental disorders, which may include cognitive, motor, social, and language impairments.
Published on
Jan 13, 2013
By underscoring the importance of standardized childhood developmental screening and communication between clinicians and caregivers, two new studies from CHOP's PolicyLab can help physicians and families better support children with developmental