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Drug Development

Published on
May 29, 2024
Decades ago, Katherine A. High, MD, and colleagues began an unprecedented journey to develop a new kind of treatment for hemophilia B.
Published on
Mar 5, 2024
Two global teams are developing solid cancer drugs and understanding T-cell receptors.

The mission of the Clinical Pharmacology RAG is to support CHOP investigators engaged in clinical pharmacology research, foster collaborations within the CHOP/Penn research community, and create additional educational opportunities for trainees.

Published on
Oct 11, 2023
The Center for Precision Medicine for High-risk Pediatric Cancer Frontier Program builds upon ongoing precision medicine efforts across CHOP departments to define and expand treatment options.
Published on
Sep 22, 2023
Dr. Patrick Grohar will lead a research team to bring new therapies to clinical trial.

The John Lab studies metabolism in the setting of pediatric infections, in order to identify new anti-infective drug targets, understand drug resistance, and develop ways to diagnose disease.

The Maris Lab investigates the molecular and genetic mechanisms contributing to the development and progression of neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer.

The Cancer Pharmacology Laboratory supports clinical trials of new mechanistically targeted and immune-based anticancer drugs by conducting pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology studies of the agents.  The lab also studies conventional anticancer drugs to develop more rational and effective dosing methods, and the lab team is developing ci

Research in the Abdulmalik Laboratory focuses on the development of novel therapies for the hemoglobinopathies, with a particular emphasis on developing and validating novel therapeutic agents for sickle cell disease.

Published on
Feb 22, 2021
Dr. Nikolaos Sgourakis led a group a researchers to develop a game-changing new method for nuclear magnetic resonance data analysis.