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Mental Health

Project RISE (Resources and Internal Supports for Evidence-based Practices) aims to compare fidelity, penetration, cost-effectiveness, and student outcomes of mental health interventions across two sustainment models. The study also aims to explore mediators and moderators of consultation support on implementer fidelity.

The purpose of the CARE (Coaching and Asynchronous Remote Training for Evidence-Based Practices) study is to develop and test the effectiveness of a remote training platform with behavioral health staff in schools serving rural communities.

Published on
Jan 11, 2023
Diversity Fellow Alfonso Floyd, PhD, studies the impact of risk and resilience on the mental health of minority youth with type 1 diabetes.
Published on
May 17, 2022
Dr. Barzilay studies the factors that drive variability in the development of brain and behavior of youths growing up under stress.
Published on
Aug 20, 2021
This week in the news, we share findings on Fontan circulation side effects, pediatric brain tumor survivorship, gene therapy, and more.
Published on
Aug 6, 2021
This week’s research news features Dr. Audrey Odom John and her discovery of six breath compounds that could lead to a COVID breathalyzer for kids.
Published on
Jul 9, 2021
This week’s news roundup features new findings in youth suicide risk, CAR T-cell therapy, obesity rates during the pandemic, and more.

The purpose of this research study is to see if melatonin improves sleep and the sleep-wake patterns (also known as circadian rhythm) in children, teenagers, and young adults (ages 11-30) with at-risk symptoms.

This study aims to collect data from patients seen at CHOP, CHOP's 3550 Market St. primary care location, Penn, or from the surrounding communities.

Published on
Nov 18, 2020
New Diversity Fellows expand research network and investigative skills within the CHOP community.