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The purpose of this study is to understand how children and adolescents respond to different emotions and social situations.

Published on
Sep 2, 2022
Learn about novel findings from our Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers.
Published on
Sep 28, 2021
CHOP researchers found depression and suicidality increased among adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investigating limbic circuitry, mental function, and new neurons of the postnatal brain (Lab LMNoP).

Published on
Nov 28, 2020
A new study provides genomics data to support the association between inflammatory bowel disease, stress, and depression.
Published on
May 22, 2020
Childhood vaccination coverage declined during COVID-19 pandemic, new study shows. Read more about this research and other headlines In the News.
Published on
Mar 31, 2020
Genome to Mental Health consortium to study link between rare disorders, psychiatric conditions.
Published on
May 17, 2019
In this week’s recap, our researchers make headlines with their work in endocrinology, autism research, telehealth, the gut-brain connection, and more.

Dr. Young is a clinical psychologist whose research focuses on the identification, prevention, and treatment of adolescent depression. Her scholarship is driven by the need to understand what factors predispose youth to depression and the desire to develop, study, and disseminate interventions to help address the unmet needs of youth with mental health problems.

youngjf [at]
Published on
Dec 18, 2018
A new study from the Lifespan Brain Institute sheds light on the obsessive compulsive patterns associated with serious psychopathology in youth.