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Patient Safety

Dr. Galligan's operational and academic work are united by a fundamental goal of keeping patients, their families, and healthcare staff safe from harm. Dr. Galligan's current research focuses on applying principles of organizational behavior to the pediatric inpatient setting to prevent harm from unrecognized clinical deterioration.

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Dr. Jessica Hart is an attending physician and an assistant professor of clinical pediatrics. Her research focuses on patient safety, and prevention of medical errors.

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Dr. Woods-Hill researches diagnostic and treatment decision-making in the critical care setting, with a specific interest on the impact of these decisions on unintended patient harm and medical overuse. She focuses on bacterial bloodstream infections in children in the PICU, and diagnostic stewardship in this context.

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The National Emergency Airway Registry for Pediatric Emergency Medicine (NEAR4PEM) was established to improve advanced airway management in pediatric emergency medicine, and to foster excellence in advanced airway management for critically ill children in the emergency department setting.

Dr. Mattei is an attending physician in the Division of General, Thoracic and Fetal Surgery and specializes in pediatric surgical oncology, inflammatory bowel disease, and minimally invasive and robotic surgery. His research interests are in oncology and IBD.

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Published on
Aug 4, 2021
Congratulations to the 2021 Carol Marcus Award Recipients: Christopher Bonafide, MD, MSCE; Robert Sutton, MD, MSCE; and Joanne Wood, MD, MSHP.

Dr. Rasooly's research aims to understand diagnostic decision making and leverage the electronic health record to support diagnostic excellence. Her current work focuses on recognition of child abuse, evaluating decision making in simulation, and improving diagnostic performance at CHOP.

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Dr. Ruppel’s research focuses on optimizing the use of technology and data in acute care to improve patient safety and outcomes. She seeks to improve integration of technology and data into clinical workflows and address unintended consequences like alarm fatigue.

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Published on
Feb 8, 2019
In this week’s recap, collaboration at the local and international levels takes center stage.

Dr. Shaw is an emergency medicine physician, clinical epidemiologist, and national leader in the fields of pediatric emergency medicine and quality and patient safety. She is most noted for her research in the diagnosis and management of acute pediatric illness and injuries, most notably UTI,
dehydration, and bronchiolitis.

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