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Social Determinants of Health

Published on
Nov 25, 2022
The work of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers leads to novel findings and recognitions.

Improving the health of children and enhancing primary care practice by conducting and fostering national collaborative practice-based research.​

Published on
Feb 14, 2020
Read about a breakthrough peanut allergy treatment, support for teen resilience, healthcare disparities in pain treatment, and pediatric medical device awards.

Dr. Mayne is an epidemiologist whose research focuses on preventing cardiovascular disease and promoting healthy behaviors in children and their families. She employs multilevel and longitudinal methods to study how factors at the individual, family, neighborhood, and policy level influence risk factor behaviors and cardiometabolic outcomes. She is also engaged in research to promote innovation in pediatric primary care.

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Published on
Nov 15, 2016
The shiny picture of the American dream sometimes belies underlying struggles. This may be especially true in suburban communities, where demographic shifts in the last decade have left growing numbers of families experiencing poverty or near-poverty conditions in which they struggle to pay the bills. And that has serious implications for children's health.
Published on
Jan 12, 2016
Policy researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are among those leading a public conversation about how pediatric hospitals and health systems can address social factors affecting health within ACO structures.