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Pediatric Stroke

The Optical Neuroimaging lab develops novel optical neuroimaging techniques to understand pediatric neurodevelopment and its disruption by disease. They use optical intrinsic signal imaging, diffuse optical tomography, and resting-state methods, allowing bench-to-bedside neuroimaging.

Dr. White develops novel optical functional neuroimaging systems and algorithms to better understand pediatric neuronal injury. His research includes optical intrinsic signal imaging, diffuse optical tomography, and resting-state functional connectivity.

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The Wolfson Family Laboratory for Clinical and Biomedical Optics focuses on the development and use of novel non-invasive optical devices to probe cerebrovascular hemodynamics and physiology in vivo. These devices are used in clinical and pre-clinical studies to discover the timing and causes of brain injury during care.

Dr. Krivitzky's research focuses on cognitive, behavioral, and social outcomes in pediatric stroke and related vascular conditions. She also has an interest in studying outcomes in children and adults with inborn errors of metabolism.

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Dr. Beslow works on the development of measurement and outcome prediction tools for pediatric hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. She recently led a 61-center study carried out in 26 countries that evaluated the frequency of ischemic stroke among pediatric patients with SARS-CoV-2.

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Dr. Shih studies the metabolic interplay between cell types within the neurovascular unit during stroke to develop effective, novel mitochondrial-directed therapeutics to improve post-stroke disability. She works with small and large animal models of childhood arterial ischemic stroke.

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Dr. Ichord participates in multiple research projects within Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and in collaboration with other stroke investigators. Dr. Ichord is especially interested in better understanding the effect of stroke on complex brain function, such as thinking and learning, and developing new strategies to promote recovery and rehabilitation.

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Feb 24, 2017
This week's In the News highlights remind us of one of our favorite quotes from Helen Keller: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Read on to see how researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are working with different groups who share the same vision and scientific goals to advance pediatric care.

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