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Our lab uses cutting-edge computational and experimental approaches to better understand cellular development and human disease. We are an interdisciplinary team of experimental scientists, computational biologists, and clinician-scientists. Some of the exciting research projects in our lab include: 1) Understanding the molecular basis of therapeutic resistance in cancer; 2) Unraveling the gene regulatory factors involved in cellular development; 3) Development of computational methods to interpret high-dimensional and single-cell transcriptomics, proteomics, and epigenomics data.

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Kai Tan

Kai Tan, PhD

Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Tan uses experimental and computational approaches to study normal development and cancer. His laboratory is using the integrative approach to dissect the gene regulatory networks controlling embryonic hematopoiesis, T cell differentiation, and oncogenesis. He is also developing computational algorithms for constructing models of transcriptional regulatory and signaling networks by integrating multi-dimensional genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic datasets.