Getting Started with SAIF



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Register within iLab.

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Submit an application for services to the core director.

Study may begin
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If a standard animal care and use protocol in available, the study may begin. If no standard protocol is available, the study may begin after feasibility is established and there is a study-specific implementation trial study.


Frequently Asked Questions

The small animal imaging facility lactated in the CTRB building at C level, room C301.

In order to enter the imaging room C301 you must have done an MR safety training. This is because all the imaging scanners are in the same room including the MRI. There is an on-line test and a training in person with John Dell or Ralph Magee or Glenn Ferrick from Radiology. To find the on-line training, go to Learning Link, type MRI safety in the search field. Once you have done the on-line training you can schedule a meeting with John ([email protected]) and once you have had the training with John, a short tour of the facility will be arranged. Once all of this is done the Core will notify security and have your ID activated. The MRI Safety course code is RAD-MRISAF-001. 

Yes, you should include the Small Animal Imaging facility into your IACUC protocol. Please specify what modality you are planning to use and describe your imaging experiments.

For Optical imaging and US the core uses an online calendar to reserve the machine time. To conduct MRI, PET, or CT studies contact Core director Sergey Magnitsky, PhD, at [email protected] or 215-590-2222.