Single Cell Technology Core Tool & Fees



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10x Genomics Chromium Controller and Chromium X provides single cell whole transcriptome gene expression and multiplexing capabilities to profile hundreds to a million cells. Partitioning events occur on a microfluidic chip in the presence of barcoded gel beads and oil to create GEMs (Gel Bead in EMulsion) encapsulating single cells or nuclei. Illumina compatible libraries are constructed in bulk after GEMs are broken.

10x Genomics Chromium Controller and Chromium X

Source: 10xGenomic

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NanoString's GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) combines standard immunofluorescence techniques with digital optical barcoding technology to perform highly multiplexed, spatially resolved profiling of RNA and protein targets on tissue sections. Whole tissue sections, FFPE or fresh frozen, can be imaged and stained for RNA or protein. Specific tissue compartments or cell types can be selected to profile based on the biology, and the expression levels can be counted using either the nCounter Analysis System or an Illumina Sequencer.

NanoStrings GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler

Source: nanoString

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We offer highly multiplexed imaging using Akoya's PhenoCycler (formerly CODEX) platform. Through repetitive imaging cycles, this technology allows for the detection of a maximum of 40+ protein targets in the same tissue section at single cell resolution, with quantitative data for each protein.


Source: Akoya Biosciences

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Using combinatorial labeling, sequential imaging, and error-robust barcoding, MERFISH technology allows simultaneously measuring the copy number and spatial distribution of the transcripts of up to 500 genes in individual cells across whole tissue slices with subcellular resolution.


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