Single Cell Technology Core Equipment



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10x Genomics Chromium Connect

  • Robotic liquid handling system
  • Prepares up to eight samples simultaneously
  • Automates GEM generation, barcoding, and library preparation
  • Library options include 3’ gene expression or 5’ gene expression with V(D)J gene enrichment
  • Reduced interaction means minimal technical variation

10x Genomics Chromium Controller


The Chromium Controller is available for 10x experiments beyond the scope of transcriptomics. For a submitted tissue sample, individual cells or nuclei are barcoded, and libraries are prepared for RNA-Seq and ATAC-seq.


10x Genomics Chromium X

The Bioanalyzer is used to evaluate library integrity prior to any sequencing experiment to ensure the highest quality data is returned.


Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

  • Maximizes future proofing
  • Scalable for evolving project needs and larger studies
  • Supports various applications including single-cell gene expression, whole exome-sequencing, and shotgun metagenomics

NextSeq 2000


Akoya PhenoCycler

State-of-the-art spatial biology is available with the Akoya PhenoCycler. PhenoCycler provides full spatial context and quantitative measurement of 40+ protein analytes from a single tissue slide. Single cell resolution is easily achieved with subcellular resolution possible. Application to clinical or discovery science is practical with validated performance on fresh frozen or FFPE tissue. Furthermore, the assays are nondestructive, so tissue can be used for other downstream analysis or staining. More information is available at the Akoya Biosciences webpage.


NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler

State-of-the-art spatial biology is available with the NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler. Given fresh frozen or FFPE tissue, this unique technology allows simultaneous, quantitative measurement of RNA and protein targets. The morphological context of the tissue can be resolved with customizable histology. The GeoMx assay is conducted by region of interest (ROI). There are several strategies for choosing the ROIs to maximize return on the experiment design. Choose between curated panels of molecular targets or customize your own. Instructions for panel selection are available here.



MERSCOPE is the first commercially available high-plex single-cell spatial genomics platform. Using MERFISH technology, transcripts from up to 500 genes can be mapped and quantified with single cell and subcellular resolution.