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Research Agreements

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The Office of Collaborative and Corporate Research Contracts (OCCRC) and the Office of Pre-Award Research Administration both work to facilitate the research enterprise by ensuring various funded and non-funded research agreements are reviewed, negotiated, and approved while complying with all federal, state, sponsor, and institutional compliance requirements.  Below is a general outline of the agreements handled by each group and the systems used for processing them.


Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) (Sophia)

Data Use Agreements (DUA) (Sophia)

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) (Sophia)

Cooperative Research Agreements (CRA) (Sophia)

Industry Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA) (eSifter)

Industry Sponsored Research Agreements and Subagreements (eSPA)

CHOP Faculty private consulting agreements (eAgreements)

Pre-Award Research Administration

Federal grants and contracts - (eSPA)

State grants and contracts - (eSPA)

Foundation grants and contracts - (eSPA)

dbGAP requests – through dbGAP – (dbGAP)

Subawards with federal, state, foundation, or local funding agencies - (eSPA)

Outgoing research consultant agreements - (eAgreements)

Purchased service agreements as they relate to research (directed to us by Purchasing as needed)


As appropriate, OCCRC and the Office of Pre-Award Research Administration may also work with other CHOP offices, including the Office of Technology Transfer and CHOP General Counsel, to assist in the review of terms proffered by our research partners.  

You may contact the OCCRC at [email protected], and Pre-Award Research Administration at [email protected].