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Submit a request to discover what we can do for you.

Work with our expert web developers to create a web presence for your department, division, lab, or collaborative. Promote your research, recruiting, and improve your team operations.

We collaborate with Creative Services to make sure your content and message continues to align with Hospital branding. We also collaborate with Infrastructure Services and Applications Services to provide clean, secure, and forward compatible solutions to your web presence projects.

Website Technical Support - To report technical problems or bugs with existing websites.

Our project process begins with your request and gathering requirements that help us figure out how best to meet your needs. We will then generate a document –

Our project process begins with your request and gathering requirements that help us figure out how best to meet your needs. We will then generate a document – a Scope of Work – so that we both have a clear idea of what we’re delivering.

  1. Submit a request - To get started we will need you, at the minimum, to answer the following questions. If you don’t know all the answers, that’s fine. We will figure it out together
    • New or existing website?
    • Web Address/URL – If existing
    • Support Needs
      • Graphic Support – Content images, design images, staff photos
      • Editorial Support – Research Communications editorial support
      • Web Development
      • Vanity URL/Redirects - Preferred website URL or domain
      • Analytics – web metrics support
    • Vendor Information – if involved, provide information
    • Stakeholders – Persons involved in project decisions
  2. Specifications gathering meeting - After we receive your request, we will schedule a meeting. At this meeting, together we will cover these topics. If you have any of these details prepared for the meeting, that will expedite the process.
    • Meeting Participants - We ask that all website project stakeholders and approvers attend
    • Intended Audience(s) – Who are your expected users and why are they coming to your website?
    • Website outline – A document with navigational, content placement, and description of any dynamic functionality
  3. Website content update frequency – How often will the content be updated and would you prefer Web Services to do the content updates or do you have a staff member who would complete those duties?
  4. Scope of work agreement – A document will be created that provides clear project details, project responsibilities, timelines, timeline risks, and if any costs are involved View SOW Example
  5. Design and build – The website is built and your provided content added, if any, and may include content entry training
  6. Debugging – A predefined period of time is set for post website launch debugging
  7. Maintenance – Ongoing updates and security patches
  8. Support – This includes content, adding new features, and ongoing debugging
  9. End of life – based on technology and design factors

View list of supported websites. This is complete up-to-date lists. If it's not listed then you'll want to contact Service Desk.

Web Applications

  • Specialized Online Forms
  • Access Restricted Research Work Group Spaces Web-enabled Database Development


  • Communicate Study Information
  • Commercial Grade Websites
  • UX Design
  • SEO
  • Search and Taxonomy Development

Technical Consulting

  • Specifications Discovery
  • RFP Writing and Review
  • Support and Communications

Technology Focus

  • LAMP Stack Development - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Drupal - LAMP based framework for content management system development using YAML
  • Javascript - Programming language for adding functionality to LAMP web applications
  • Cascading Style Sheets - External style definitions for defining the look of websites
  • Web Data Integrations - Combine and display content and data from multiple sources