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Proposal Review & Submission Policy

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Sponsored Projects is responsible for reviewing sponsored project proposals before they are submitted to the sponsor. Sponsored Projects is the central administrative department for proposal review and submission and is the institutional authority to legally bind the Hospital in sponsored projects administration matters. Every department is assigned a Sponsored Projects Officer (SPO) who will review sponsored project proposals for completeness and compliance.

Notification to Sponsored Projects

PIs/PDs should notify Sponsored Projects online via eSPA, as soon as they decide to submit a proposal, but ideally at least 30 days prior to the planned submission date. eSPA is the electronic proposal submission system available on the CHOP Research intranet. Completion of the first page of the funding proposal in eSPA notifies Sponsored Projects of the PI’s/PD’s intention to submit a proposal and also provides key submission information. PIs/PDs are encouraged to communicate with Sponsored Projects throughout the proposal development process leading up to submission of the proposal to Sponsored Projects.

Internal Submission Deadline

In order to ensure adequate time for Sponsor Project’s review, making necessary corrections, obtaining institutional signoffs and providing time for electronic submissions, PIs/PDs are encouraged to submit the final version of their proposals accompanied by all other required forms/documentation and to complete the related eSPA funding proposal as soon as possible. However, PI/PDs are required to do so no later than 5 business days prior to the sponsor’s published deadline.

Proposals submitted to Sponsored Projects after the internal deadline are not guaranteed submission to the sponsor by the sponsor’s published deadline. Sponsored Projects will do everything possible to get the proposal reviewed and submitted to the sponsor on time; however, as the amount of time for proposal review and analysis is reduced, the chance for timely submittal decreases.

For proposals submitted to Sponsored Projects less than 24 hours prior to the sponsor’s published deadline, the PI/PD may be required to sign the Notification of Insufficient Preparation or Review Time (NIPRT) in order for the proposal to be submitted. Note: This notification is used on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, CHOP reserves the right to withdraw proposals, including cases where inadequate time prevented proper institutional review and approval.

Please see the Proposal Review & Submission Policy for details.