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CHOP Research Internship for Scholars and Emerging Scientists (CHOP-RISES)

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The CHOP Research Institute is committed to developing STEM-M (science, technology, engineering, math and medicine) programs that inspire future generations of leaders in child health. CHOP-RISES, an intensive, two-summer STEM-M internship program designed to build science confidence in high school students that are typically under-represented in research. CHOP-RISES graduates are more confident in their science skills, understand the breadth of STEM-M careers, and develop a lasting network of CHOP professionals to guide their future careers. Program graduates are also eligible to apply for college summer internships at CHOP.

CHOP-RISES Description

CHOP-RISES is a comprehensive internship program designed to encourage students to transition from "science curious" to "science confident" by strengthening their commitment to STEM-M. Both programs run Monday-Thursday, and take place on two consecutive summers during students' rising junior and rising senior years. Stipends, travel awards, and daily lunch are provided.


  1. CHOP-RISES I is a 6-week summer internship for rising juniors
  2. Students are trained in host labs where they learn basic lab techniques and how research is directly related to improving child health and wellness
  3. Interactive curriculum in college preparation, STEM-M career exposure, and mentoring
  4. Daily lunches for self-reflection and critical thinking

At the end of the summer, students create a presentation that describes what they have learned over the course of the internship to share with their laboratory team and family members.


  1. CHOP-RISES II is an 8-week summer internship for rising seniors
  2. Students are trained in research groups based on their interests where they master techniques and complete an independent research project
  3. Career seminars and clinical shadowing opportunities
  4. Receive mentor training and serve as mentors to CHOP-RISES I students

At the end of the summer, students deliver a poster presentation of their research project to our CHOP community and their family members alongside our undergraduate scholars participating in the CHOP Research Summer Scholars Program (CRISSP).

CHOP-RISES Eligibility

Partner schools or community-based agencies nominate students for program consideration. Students may not apply to the program directly. Our partners offer a population of students that are typically under-represented in research, a strong science program, and an administration that is committed to being an active partner in student success. 

CHOP-RISES students must be curious about science and demonstrate a questioning attitude and critical thinking skills. ATOP staff select students and assign them to host labs. Students who successfully participated in CHOP-RISES I are eligible to be considered for CHOP-RISES II.

If your school is interested in becoming a CHOP-RISES partner, please contact Michelle Marshall at [email protected].

CHOP Laboratory and Speaker Recruitment

If you are interested in learning how to become a research host lab or facilitating a learning session, please contact Michelle Marshall at [email protected].