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Please be advised that the PennCommunity system that houses PennKey is undergoing a major renewal process starting on November 12, 2021. Please expect some delays when processing initial and renewal requests. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Requesting a PennKey

A PennKey is required to access a number of services through the University of Pennsylvania, including access to Knowledge Link, FEDS, Penn Directory, Cell Center, Core Facilities, OASIS, AirPennNet, and resources including electronic journals, PennERA, HS-ERA, and ARIES.

To apply for a PennKey, please complete the PennKey Request Form (Please Note: This form can only be accessed while on the CHOP network). After you submit your PennKey Request Form, you will see an Application Submission Confirmation. Your request will be evaluated and upon approval submitted to Penn for processing. Once your PennKey has been created, you will be notified by email. For questions regarding PennKey please contact [email protected].

Levels of Access Granted to CHOP PennKey Holders

There are two types of affiliations granted to CHOP PennKey holders.

  • The "CHOP" affiliation gives access to Knowledge Link, FEDS, Penn Directory, Cell Center, Core Facilities, OASIS, and AirPennNet. Anyone affiliated with the Research Institute can request the "CHOP" affiliation.
  • The "RESearch" affiliation is reserved for CHOP staff actively engaged in "scholarly research". This affiliation gives access to electronic journals, PennERA, HS-ERA, and ARIES as well as the resources listed with the "CHOP" affiliation.

The following categories of CHOP-based individuals actively engaged in research and training activities may be eligible for PennKey access:

  • Penn faculty based at CHOP who hold appointments in the School of Medicine.
  • Individuals actively engaged in research projects, such as research technicians, research associates, clinical research / study coordinators, and other staff with clear linkage to a research study through an identified internal or external funding source, manuscript, grant proposal, etc.
  • Research trainees in University of Pennsylvania-based graduate and postdoctoral programs, and postdoctoral fellows who are CHOP-based.
  • Clinical trainees such as residents and fellows in pediatric and non-pediatric medical and dental training programs.

All CHOP employees have access to CHOP's collection of electronic journals and books through the CHOP Library Portal, which is administered jointly by the Center for Pediatric Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice and the Office of Medical Staff Affairs.  If you need a library resource that is not owned by CHOP, fill out the "Citation matcher/Article Request" form to request an Interlibrary Loan. Apologies, but at this time we can only borrow e-resources. 

All CHOP employees are welcome to use Penn's Biomedical Library and the extensive print collection, which includes more than 200,000 medical texts and journals.

The Biomedical Library is located in the Johnson Pavilion at 36th Street and Hamilton Walk. You will need your CHOP ID or another acceptable form of photo identification to enter the building. For book borrowing privileges at the Penn Libraries you will need a Library Account. Please go to the Biomedical Library with your CHOP ID to get an account.

If you have any questions, the reference desk number is 215-898-5818.