Getting Started with the RIS Outreach Services



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Getting Started with the Research IS Outreach Services

To get started with the Research IS Outreach Services, review the steps below and contact the team directly to request a consultation.

Submit Faculty Onboarding Questionnaire
Step 02

Research IS Outreach Services will contact you for consultation.

RIS Outreach Manager meeting
Step 03

Research IS Outreach Services will set-up a meeting to determine RIS services and support needs.

RIS Outreach Manager will walk client through services.
Step 04

Research IS Outreach Services will provide guidance, assistance, and support to successfully complete your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge for these consultative services. The Research Information Services Outreach Manager's services are available to all Research Institute Employees as part of the overall package of services provided by the Research Information Services department.

Yes, all RIS teams welcome requests and inquires through their contact information, self-service portals, and always through the CHOP Employee Service Center.

RIS Outreach Services are part of the Research Information Services providing an extra level of user-friendly access to RIS information, services, and support.