The Mitochondrial Research Affinity Group has been created to address the needs of the diverse community of researcher engaged in mitochondria-focused research. Due to the importance of mitochondrial biology in many forms of disease, the clinical backgrounds of these investigators are wide-ranging and include clinical genetics, metabolism, endocrinology, anesthesiology, hematology, oncology, gastroenterology, neonatology, immunology, neurology, pathology, and ophthalmology. The basic science affiliations of these investigators are equally wide-ranging and include pathology, biochemistry and biophysics, biology, genetics, metabolism, animal biology and anthropology.

The goals of the Mitochondrial Research Affinity Group include improved collaborations in mitochondrial research, enhanced interaction between graduate students and faculty, and increased familiarity with research programs involving mitochondria at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond. Our activities will include a regular schedule of talks by group members, special events with invited experts, and a grant program for the purpose of furthering mitochondrial investigations.