Program in Immune Dysregulation


Nearly 50,000 children in the United States live with some type of immune system dysfunction — in many cases, the abnormal immune system results in life-threatening disease. A multidisciplinary team of clinical and scientific leaders across multiple divisions has come together at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to provide extraordinary care for these children.

This Frontier program seeks to establish a national reference lab for rapid diagnostic testing; expand the integrated inpatient and outpatient clinical program; and investigate the genetic causes underlying immune dysfunction. The Program in Immune Dysregulation team also is exploring the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to the potentially devastating complications that occur when an overwhelming immune response occurs. Ultimately, this research may allow clinicians to evaluate immune function and immunodeficiency with more accuracy and accelerate the development of new immunotherapeutics.

The Program in Immune Dysregulation received Frontier status in Fiscal Year 2019.