Post-Award Research Administration and Research Portfolio Management



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The Post-Award Research Administration team is responsible for all central post-award administration functions and committed to providing a high level of service to the faculty and the research community throughout the life cycle of funding. The Post-Award Research Administration team is comprised of Research Business Managers (RBMs) who provide each PI and their staff with day-to-day financial oversight assistance and support in the financial administration of grants, contracts, clinical trials, and other internally funded support.

The RBMs work closely with their Pre-Award and Specialized Accounting counterparts and on behalf of their faculty to develop budgets and spending plan projections to ensure that internal controls are in compliance with applicable sponsor regulations and requirements, in addition to providing account oversight, cost-monitoring, salary allocations, and project close-out. The RBMs serve as the researcher’s financial advisers.

The Sponsored Projects and Research Business Management Directory provides details regarding the assignments for all CHOP post-award professionals.