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The mission of PolicyLab at Children's Hospital centers on the importance of interdisciplinary research to inform program and policy changes that will lead to optimal health and well-being in children. To achieve this mission, PolicyLab researches, develops and implements evidence-based solutions that are responsive to community needs and relevant to child health policy priorities. PolicyLab's dynamic team includes more than 25 faculty and instructors and 55 staff members who are experts in medicine, public health, social work, psychology, law, biostatistics, health services research, and population health. Their collaborative work is focused in four portfolios: adolescent health and well-being; health care coverage, access and quality; health equity; and intergenerational family services. Within these research portfolios, there are a wide array of projects on topics such as early childhood development, behavioral health, immigrant and refugee health, health insurance, and provider-patient relationships. To effectively inform policy changes in these areas, PolicyLab employs an expert team of policy and communications professionals and collaborates with practitioners, families, and policymakers throughout the research and implementation processes.

Founded in 2008, PolicyLab co-directs the Healthcare Analytics Unit (HAU) with Clinical Futures. The HAU serves as a resource for investigators using complex data to address research questions by providing expertise in statistical programming, advanced analysis, biostatistics, and clinical epidemiology.