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Lisa A. Schwartz, PhD
Lisa A. Schwartz
Co-Leader, mHealth Research Affinity Group

Dr. Schwartz's research focuses on behavioral and psychosocial aspects of cancer and its treatment in adolescents and young adults (AYAs), a group of patients with unique medical and psychosocial challenges. Most of her current studies aim to understand and improve self-management among AYAs.



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Dr. Schwartz studies adolescents and young adults (AYAs) who are undergoing cancer treatment, are long-term survivors of childhood cancer, and are living with or have suspected cancer predisposition. This research includes descriptive, longitudinal, and intervention studies. Targets of Dr. Schwartz's research include health behaviors, disease self-management and adherence, goal setting and pursuit, late effects, communication, adjustment and transition to adult care, and healthcare utilization.

She has also developed expertise in mobile health/digital health research, co-founding and co-directing CHOP's Mobile Health Research Affinity Group (mHealth). Current mHealth studies include a randomized controlled trial on a digital app to enhance uptake of survivorship care plans among AYA survivors (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention); a study on implementation of care plans (NCI R21); a non-randomized trial with AYA tracking pain and feasibility/acceptability of acupuncture for those who opt in to try it (National Palliative Care Research Center); a study assessing the impact of germline testing for cancer predisposition among those referred to the Cancer Predisposition Program at CHOP (Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation); and a longitudinal, multisite study of AYA survivor self-management (NINR R01).

Among her notable career accomplishments, Dr. Schwartz:

  • Developed a validated model of readiness to transition to adult care to inform research and clinical practice, known as SMART (Social-ecological Model of AYA Readiness to Transition)
  • Led a Pediatric Chair’s Initiative to conduct proof-of-concept text messaging intervention for the AYA recently completing cancer treatment, and then received subsequent funding from St. Baldrick’s Foundation and CDC to conduct a randomized controlled trial of the second generation of this intervention, known as AYA STEPS (Self-management via Texting, Education and Plans for Survivorship)
  • Co-founded and co-directs CHOP's Mobile Health Research Affinity Group in the Research Institute
  • Conducted NIH funded multisite study to test a model of self-management and validate a measure of transition readiness for AYA long-term survivors

Education and Training

BS, Cornell University (Human Development and Family Studies), 1997

MS, Case Western Reserve University (Clinical Psychology), 2002

PhD, Case Western Reserve University (Clinical Psychology), 2005

Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Pediatric Psychology), 2007

Titles and Academic Titles

Co-Leader, mHealth Research Affinity Group


Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Professional Memberships

American Psychological Association, 1999-

Society of Pediatric Psychology, 1999-

Professional Awards

Aflac Young Investigator Award in Adolescent/Young Adult Oncology, Children's Oncology Group, 2008

Publication Highlights

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Schwartz LA, Henry-Moss D, Eggleston B, Patrick-Miller L, Markman E, Daly M, Tuchman L, Moore C, Rauch PK, Karpink K, Sands CB, Domchek SM, Bradbury AR. Preventative Health and Risk Behaviors Among Adolescent Girls With and Without Family Histories of Breast Cancer. J Adolesc Health. 2019 Jan; 64(1):116-123 PMID: 30301677
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Szalda D, Piece L, Brumley L, Li Y, Schapira MM, Wasik M, Hobbie WL, Ginsberg JP, Schwartz LA. Associates of Engagement in Adult-Oriented Follow-Up Care for Childhood Cancer Survivors. J Adolesc Health. 2017 Feb; 60(2):147-153. PMID: 28270337
Schwartz LA, Brumley LD, Tuchman LK, Barakat LP, Hobbie WL, Ginsberg JP, Daniel LC, Kazak AE, Bevans K, Deatrick JA. Stakeholder validation of a model of readiness for transition to adult care. JAMA Pediatr. 2013 Oct; 167(10):939-46. PMCID: PMC4289606

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