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Kaila Gammon
Kaila Gammon
Business Manager, Non-Traditional Research Personnel Program

Establishes a set of definitions, policies, and procedures to guide the involvement of individuals such as long-term collaborators, high school and college-level students, graduate students, and others who are not regular CHOP employees in the Research Institute’s programs.



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Gammon began her career at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the Hospital’s business office as a junior accountant in 2001 and moved to Research Administration in January 2003. She currently manages the Non-Traditional Research Personnel Program, which is designed to encourage the inclusion of talented individuals in its research programs who are not regular CHOP employees or CHOP-based University of Pennsylvania Faculty. The NTP Program ensures compliance with applicable visa restrictions, labor laws, safety, occupational health, and tax issues and addresses the concerns of accrediting and granting organizations.

Education and Training

Community College of Philadelphia (Business Administration), 2002-2004

Rosemont College (Human Resource Management), 2004-2009

Villanova University (Society for Human Resource Management Essentials of Human Resources), 2019