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Charles T. Bartunek, JD

Charles T. Bartunek

Leading the negotiation of industry-sponsored research agreements, as well as those concerning the sharing of data, materials, and other information with academic and industry partners.

Brent Bell, CRA

Brent A. Bell

Provides leadership in compliance and customer service for pre-award and non-financial post-award administration by assisting in developing and submitting proposals, serving as a resource for sponsor policies and regulations, and issuing and negotiating incoming and outgoing subawards and outgoing consulting agreements.

Karen E. Burke, CCRP

Photo of Karen E. Burke

Karen Burke leads the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) and works closely with other relevant offices in the Research Institute to develop, maintain, and enhance the integrity of the program.

Susan J. Back, MD

Susan J. Back

Dr. Back's research focuses on ultrasound and advanced ultrasound applications as well as genitourinary imaging.

Rochelle Bagatell, MD

Rochelle Bagatell

Dr. Bagatell’s research focuses on improving therapies for children with neuroblastoma. She leads clinical research studies designed to critically evaluate current therapies for children with high-risk and relapsed disease, and is committed to conducting studies of new therapies for this population. She is currently pursuing research designed to evaluate biomarkers for response to targeted therapy in children with high-risk disease.

L. Charles Bailey, MD, PhD

L. Charles Bailey

Dr. Bailey’s research centers on the development of learning health systems. This endeavor includes the creation of methods to share data across hospitals, recognize the clinical implications of information gathered from different sources, and provide support to clinicians to use this information more effectively.

Fran Balamuth, MD, PhD

Fran Balamuth, MD, PhD, MSCE

Dr. Balamuth is a key institutional leader in pediatric sepsis and a rising national leader in pediatric sepsis recognition and care.