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Denise M. Melvin, MSM
Denise M. Melvin
Director, Research Safety Programs

Oversees three departments committed to the health and safety of Research Institute staff and serves as the Institutional Biosafety Officer.



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With safety as her primary focus, Denise Melvin has worked in the Office of Research Safety for almost 12 years and serves as the Director for Research Safety Programs (RSP), which includes the Office of Research Safety (ORS), the Office of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), and the Research Institute Shipping Core (RISC). The ORS ensures the safe handling, disposal, and storage of hazardous materials used in research. The IBC provides oversight for all biological and recombinant materials. The RISC ensures compliance with federal regulations as they pertain to the shipment of dangerous goods.

Prior to working at CHOP, Melvin first worked as a quality control microbiologist and then as a quality assurance/quality control manager for two separate poultry vaccination companies. In between those roles, she worked for CHOP in the Clinical Molecular Genetics Lab as a medical technologist. At the start of her educational career, Melvin had aspirations of being a science teacher, but after completing a few biology classes in college, she realized that she did not want to teach science; she wanted to do science.

Education and Training

AA, Camden County College (Liberal Arts), 1995

BS, Rowan University (Biology), 1999

MS, Thomas Edison State University (Management), 2017

Professional Memberships

ABSA International, previously known as the American Biological Safety Association, 2008-

Personal Interests

Biological topics/issues, softball, spending time with family, boating, the beach