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Christopher P. Bonafide, MD
Christopher P. Bonafide
Research Director of General Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Dr. Bonafide’s research focus is on developing, evaluating, and implementing interventions at the intersection of patient safety and technological innovation, and measuring the impacts of these interventions on children and families. His research includes methods drawn from clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, clinical informatics, systems engineering, and implementation science.



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The clinical problem that launched Dr. Bonafide’s research career was the challenge that physicians and nurses have in identifying deteriorating children in the hospital and then obtaining urgent assistance from intensive care physicians. He led early work to develop age-based vital sign percentile curves to help clinical staff distinguish expected hospital vital signs from those warranting closer attention. He also led work developing pediatric early warning scores and measuring the effects of implementing early warning scores and rapid response teams in children’s hospitals.

During these projects Dr. Bonafide learned that physiologic monitors generated hundreds of alarms per patient day, most of which were irrelevant and thus were ignored by staff.

Other research focused on measuring unintended adverse consequences of physiologic monitors and other technologies, with an emphasis on alarm and alert fatigue. Dr. Bonafide extended this work to the home setting when he demonstrated that a new class of consumer monitors that measure infants’ vital signs continuously and send alarms to parents’ smartphones suffered from serious accuracy problems that have the potential to lead to unnecessary hospital admissions, and inappropriate reassurance when infants are truly ill.

Dr. Bonafide, who serves as research director for Pediatric Hospital Medicine, is also an investigator within the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness. He directs Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s new Patient Safety Learning Laboratory, which addresses tough patient safety problems using a systems engineering framework, and also directs PHM Lab, focused on advancing the science of Pediatric Hospital Medicine.

Nationally, Dr. Bonafide serves on the executive council of the Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings Network, a group of investigators from 120 hospitals working to improve the health of hospitalized children and their families by conducting large, multi-institutional studies in areas of inpatient pediatric care relevant to clinicians and the decisions they face when caring for children and their families.

Education and Training

BA, Colby College (Psychology), 2000

MD, Pennsylvania State University, 2004

MSCE, University of Pennsylvania (Clinical Epidemiology), 2011

Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Academic General Pediatrics), 2010

Titles and Academic Titles

Research Director of General Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Attending Physician

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Pediatrics, 2004-

Society of Hospital Medicine, 2006-

Academic Pediatric Association, 2009-

Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania, 2010-

Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2010-

Society for Pediatric Research, 2014-

International Society for Rapid Response Systems, 2014-

AAMI Foundation Healthcare Technology Safety Institute National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety, 2014-

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, 2014-

Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings Network, 2015-

Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Safety, University of Pennsylvania, 2016-

Professional Awards

Research Travel Award, Pediatric Academic Societies, 2010

David Cornfeld Bedside Teaching Award, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2013

Publication Highlights

Bonafide CP, Localio AR, Ferro DF, Orenstein EW, Jamison DT, Lavanchy C, Foglia EE. Accuracy of pulse oximetry-based home baby monitors. JAMA. 2018 Aug; 320(7):717-719. PMID: 30140866
Bonafide CP, Localio AR, Holmes JH, Nadkarni VM, Stemler S, MacMurchy M, Zander M, Roberts KE, Lin R, Keren R. Video analysis of factors associated with response time to physiologic monitor alarms in a children's hospital. JAMA Pediatrics. 2017 Jun; 171(6):524-531. PMID: 28394995
Bonafide CP, Jamison DT, Foglia EE. The emerging market of smartphone-integrated infant physiologic monitors. JAMA. 2017 Jan; 317(4):353-354. PMID: 28118463
Bonafide CP, Localio AR, Roberts KE, Nadkarni VM, Weirich CM, Keren R. Impact of rapid response system implementation on critical deterioration events in children. JAMA Pediatrics. 2014 Jan; 168(1):25-33. PMID: 24217295
Bonafide CP, Brady PW, Keren R, Conway PH, Marsolo K, Daymont C. Development of heart and respiratory rate percentile curves for hospitalized children. Pediatrics. 2013 Apr; 131(4):e1150-7. PMID: 23478871

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