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One of the major aims of the PANDA Study – Mobile App project is to populate a database of infant videos. We aim to collect at least 1,200 unique infant videos (400 healthy infants with typical development, 400 infants with early brain injury, 400 preterm infants without early brain injury). From the videos, we will develop a computer vision algorithm to quantify infant movement.

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) supports this study through funding under R01- HD-097686. We are in partnership with AngelEye Health, a leader in developing cameras for the NICU and monitoring infants.

This work began because of another project funded by the NICHD: R21- HD- 084327. In that project, we indicated that it is possible to study infant movement using an instrumented gym that included a force sensing mat, a robotic toy, and several cameras to study infant movements and interactions. Our results from this initial effort are under analysis. See our selected publications for more details.