Office of Research Safety



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The Research Institute is committed to the health and safety of our staff. As such, the mission of the Office of Research Safety (ORS) is to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. ORS oversees the development, implementation, and administration of the biological, laboratory, and chemical safety programs while working closely with Environmental Health and Safety for all Hospital-wide safety initiatives. The office partners with investigators and staff to develop policies and procedures that are relevant and practical and comply with government regulations. ORS also administers the Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Research Safety Quarterly Metrics

Lab Surveys & New PI Meetings FY21Q1 FY21Q2 FY21Q3 FY21Q4 FY21YTD
Number of lab surveys 13 23 29 0 117
Number of PIs surveyed 13 25 33 0 129
Number of new PI meetings 6 4 1 0 16
Training Metrics FY21Q1 FY21Q2 FY21Q3 FY21Q4 FY21YTD
Total number of people trained 505 607 610 0 1722
Total number of training encounters*
(in-person and online)
836 869 929 0 2634
Number of in-person training encounters 319 311 265 0 895
Number of online training encounters 512 575 664 0 1751
Number of in-person training sessions 87 71 42 0 200

* training encounter = individual per single training class