Neuroscience Research Affinity Group



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Over the past three decades, physicians and scientists have witnessed a startling increase in the incidence of nervous system diseases and disorders affecting children. Epilepsy, stroke, head trauma, autism, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are just a few of the common conditions seen in the pediatric population. In addition, many genetic disorders, such as inborn errors of metabolism, manifest with primary brain dysfunction. Collectively, these disorders can place a significant strain not only on children and their families but also on society.

Children’s Hospital follows the largest and most diverse population of children with neurologic, psychiatric, and developmental disabilities in the country, and supporting this effort is the Neuroscience Research Affinity Group, established in 2005. Within this dedicated structure, outstanding clinical and basic researchers complement the clinical care programs throughout the Hospital.

The affinity group also facilitates the development of targeted investigation and fosters the interactions necessary to rapidly translate research into best clinical practices. The research efforts of the group fall under four priorities: neuroprotection, epilepsy, stress biology, and autism/complex neurobehavioral disorders.