Jill and Mark Fishman Center for Lymphatic Disorders



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Lymphatic leaks and lymphatic flow disorders may cause life threatening conditions in the airway, gastrointestinal tract, and other parts of the body. This program has pioneered new imaging tools and a minimally invasive catheterization technique to identify and treat these very complex conditions. Researchers are showing that the lymphatic system plays an understudied role in many diseases and are offering new insights into other fields, from pulmonology to immunology.

Here are some highlights of the Jill and Mark Fishman Center for Lymphatic Disorders' research efforts:

  • Support from the Frontier program has given the team the opportunity to further refine their imaging techniques.
  • The team has gathered data to create a database to track patients seen for suspected lymphatic disorders.
  • The team has established a basic science research lab to better understand the lymphatic system in model organisms.

The Jill and Mark Fishman Center for Lymphatic Disorders received Frontier status in Fiscal Year 2016.