IDDRC Administrative Core



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The Administrative Core provides oversight for overall Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center function, including the research, educational, and networking, advocacy, and dissemination missions. The Core executes these roles through the following activities:

  • Overall governance of the IDDRC
  • Communications with NICHD, including submission of annual progress reports
  • Circulation of all relevant announcements (funding opportunities, seminars/lectures, etc.)
  • Management of the IDDRC budget
  • Organization and convening of the Internal and External Advisory Committees as well as the Family
  • Facilitate inter-IDDRC collaborations
  • Oversee admission of new users and/or projects to the Center (application materials)
  • Ongoing assessment of Core services, including regular reviews of user satisfaction
  • Develop new research services when requested by users
  • Participate in IDDRC Network to advance agenda of IDD Branch of NICHD
  • Promote recruitments of high-quality investigators in field of IDD-related research
  • Foster inter-disciplinary IDD-related research by working with Research Administration to create Centers of Excellence
  • Work with departments of health (NJ, PA, DE) to improve newborn screening services for inherited disease.
  • Collaborate with community support/patient groups, to:
    • Advocate for their needs
    • Sponsor educational seminars for a lay audience
    • Create and support opportunities for families to gather and exchange information
    • Advise support groups regarding latest scientific advances