Heuckeroth Laboratory Publications



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Below is a list of selected publications from Heuckeroth Laboratory:

Hashmi SK, Barka V, Yang C, Schneider S, Svitkina TM, Heuckeroth RO. Pseudo-obstruction inducing ACTG2 R257C alters actin organization and function. JCI Insight. 2021 Aug; 5(16):e140604. PMID: 32814715
Tao Gao, Elizabeth C. Wright-Jin, Rajarshi Sengupta, Jessica B. Anderson, and Robert O. Heuckeroth: Cell-autonomous retinoic acid receptor signaling has stage-specific effects on mouse enteric nervous system. JCI Insight 2021.. Cell-autonomous retinoic acid receptor signaling has stage-specific effects on mouse enteric nervous system. JCI Insight. 2021 May; 6(10):e145854. PMID: 33848271
Smith-Edwards KM, Edwards BS, Wright CM, et al. Sympathetic input to multiple cell types in mouse and human colon produces region-specific responses. Gastroenterology. 2021 Mar; 160(4):1208-1223.e4. PMID: 32980343
Soret R, Schneider S, Bernas G, et al. Glial Cell Derived Neurotrophic Factor Induces Enteric Neurogenesis and Improves Colon Structure and Function in Mouse Models of Hirschsprung Disease. Gastroenterology. 2020 Jul; 159(5):1824-1838.e17. PMID: 32687927
Graham KD, López SH, Sengupta R, Shenoy A, Schneider S, Wright CM, Feldman M, Furth E, Valdivieso F, Lemke A, Wilkins BJ, Naji A, Doolin EJ, Howard MJ, Heuckeroth RO. Robust, 3-Dimensional Visualization of Human Colon Enteric Nervous System Without Tissue Sectioning. Gastroenterology. 2020 Jun; 158(8):2221-2235.e5. PMID: 32113825
Baumgarten HD, Wright CM, Rossidis AC, et al. The EXTrauterine Environment for Neonatal Development Supports Normal Intestinal Maturation and Development . Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2020 May; 10(3):623-637. PMID: 32474164
Wright CM, Garifallou JP, Schneider S, Mentch HL, Kothakapa DR, Maguire BA, Heuckeroth RO. Dlx1/2 mice have abnormal enteric nervous system function. JCI Insight. 2020 Feb; 5(4):e131494. PMID: 32017713
Schill EM, Wright CM, Jamil A, LaCombe JM, Roper RJ, Heuckeroth RO. Down syndrome mouse models have an abnormal enteric nervous system. JCI insight. 2019 Apr; 5(11):e124510. PMID: 30998504
López SH, Avetisyan M, Wright CM, Mesbah K, Kelly RG, Moon AM, Heuckeroth RO. Loss of Tbx3 in murine neural crest reduces enteric glia and causes cleft palate, but does not influence heart development or bowel transit. Dev Biol. 2018 Dec; 444 Suppl 1(Suppl 1), S337-S351. PMID: 30292786
Avetisyan M, Rood JE, Huerta Lopez S, Sengupta R, Wright-Jin E, Dougherty JD, Behrens EM, Heuckeroth RO. Muscularis macrophage development in the absence of an enteric nervous system. Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A. 2018 May; 115(18):4696-4701. PMID: 29666241
Schill EM, Lake JI, Tusheva OA, Nagy N, Bery SK, Foster L, Avetisyan M, Johnson SL, Stenson WF, Goldstein AM, & Heuckeroth RO. Ibuprofen slows migration and inhibits bowel colonization by enteric nervous system precursors in zebrafish, chick and mouse. Dev Biol. 2016 Jan; 409(2):473-488. PMID: 26586201
Lake JI, Avetisyan M, Zimmermann AG, & Heuckeroth RO. Neural crest requires Impdh2 for development of the enteric nervous system, great vessels, and craniofacial skeleton. Dev Biol. 2016 Jan; 409(1):152-165. PMID: 26546974
Avetisyan M, Wang H, Schill EM, Bery S, Grider JR, Hassell JA, Stappenbeck T, Heuckeroth RO. Hepatocyte Growth Factor and MET Support Mouse Enteric Nervous System Development, the Peristaltic Response, and Intestinal Epithelial Proliferation in Response to Injury. J Neurosci. 2015 Aug; 35(33): 11543-11558. PMID: 26290232
Schrenk S, Schuster A, Klotz M, Schleser F, Lake J, Heuckeroth RO, Kim YJ, Laschke MW, Menger MD, Schäfer KH. Vascular and neural stem cells in the gut: do they need each other?. Histochem Cell Biol. 2015 Apr; 143(4):397-410. PMID: 25371326
Avetisyan M, Schill EM, Heuckeroth RO. Building a second brain in the bowel. J Clin Invest. 2015 Mar; 125(3):899-906. PMID: 25664848
Lake JI, Tusheva OA, Graham BL, Heuckeroth RO. Hirschsprung-like disease is exacerbated by reduced de novo GMP synthesis. J Clin Invest. 2013 Nov; 123(11): 4875-4878. PMID: 24216510
Wright-Jin EC, Grider JR, Duester G, Heuckeroth RO. Retinaldehyde dehydrogenase enzymes regulate colon enteric nervous system structure and function. Dev Biol. 2013 Sep; 381(1):28-37. PMID: 23806210
Lake JI and Heuckeroth RO. Enteric nervous system development, migration, differentiation and disease. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2013 Jul; 305(1):G1-24. PMID: 23639815
Fu M, Landreville S, Agapova OA, Wiley LA, Shoykhet M, Harbour JW, Heuckeroth RO. Retinoblastoma protein prevents enteric nervous system defects and intestinal pseudo-obstruction. J Clin Invest. 2013 Jan; 123(12):5152-5164. PMID: 24177421
Hitch MC, Leinicke JA, Wakeman D, Guo J, Erwin CR, Rowland KJ, Merrick EC, Heuckeroth RO, Warner BW. Ret heterozygous mice have enhanced intestinal adaptation after massive small bowel resection. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Live Physiol. 2012 May; 302(10): G1143-1150. PMID: 22421622