Head Start 4 Protocol for Children with Medulloblastoma and CNS Embryronal Tumors



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Children (less than 10 years of age) are eligible if they have been diagnosed with either a medulloblastoma tumor or CNS embryonal tumors of the brain or spinal cord. The standard approach to the treatment of these brain tumors in young children may include surgery, radiation therapy to the brain and spinal cord and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is the use of high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy means treatment with cancer killing drugs. This research study will compare two different treatment regimens to see which is better for treating children with this type of brain cancer.

Who Do I Contact?

If you are interested in participating in the study or want to learn more please contact our study team at pattir [at] chop.edu or 267-426-5503.

Eligibility & Criteria

IRB #:
Official Title:
The “Head Start 4” Protocol Newly Diagnosed Children (Less Than 10 Years Old) With Medulloblastoma And Other Central Nervous System Embryonal Tumors: Clinical And Molecular Risk-tailored Intensive And Compressed Induction Chemotherapy Followed By Consolidation With Either Single Cycle (Low Risk Patients) Or Randomization (High Risk Patients) To Either Single-cycle Or To Three Tandem Cycles Of Marrow-ablative Chemotherapy With Autologous Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Rescue
Study Phase:
Phase III
Eligible Age Range:
0 - 9 Years
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