Global Health Informatics



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Health informatics leverages people, tasks, and technologies to improve complete physical, mental, and social well-being for patients and their communities. One of the most profound changes in the past decade is the widespread proliferation of health information and communications technologies (HICT) used by healthcare systems, such as electronic health records and health information exchanges, and by patients and their families, such as patient portals and remote patient monitoring software. The spread of HICT presents new opportunities and challenges to achieve health-related Sustainable Development Goals set out by the World Health Organization’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Despite the considerable progress made by some countries, many still require institutional support for the development and consolidation of national eHealth and/or digital health strategies and the implementation of their action plans, which usually requires more resources and capabilities. 

The Global Health Informatics Program aims to encourage international collaboration and to support countries in their national HICT programs toward improved healthcare service delivery. Our goal is to build local health informatics capacity to implement and optimize sustainable, scalable, interoperable HIC systems that support equitable, efficient, and safe access to quality health services.

Our vision further seeks to enhance research and development, innovation, and collaboration across global health informatics sectors. Digital health can radically change health outcomes when supported by sufficient investment in governance and institutional and workforce capacity to enable changes in the digital systems and data use training, planning, and management required as health systems and services are increasingly digitized. We commit to this essential investment in people and processes in line with national strategies that lay out a vision for the digitalization of the health sector.


Sansanee Craig, MD
Co-Founder, Global Health Informatics

Grey Faulkenberry, MD, MPH
Co-Founder, Global Health Informatics

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