Fontan Liver MRE



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Patients with who have had Fontan surgery are at risk for the development of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. New MRI based imaging techniques allow for non-invasive assessment of liver stiffness and fibrosis. These methods have been used in other diseases, but have not been studied in those who have undergone the Fontan operation. In this study we will test the feasibility of MRI based methods for the assessment of liver disease, and compare the results of these studies to those obtained from clinical liver biopsy.

Who Do I Contact?

If you are interested in participating in the study or want to learn more please contact our study team at venkatakrs [at] or 267-881-9666.

Eligibility & Criteria

IRB #:
Official Title:
Quantitative Assessment Of Liver Fibrosis In Patients Who Have Undergone Fontan Palliation
Study Phase:
Not Applicable
Eligible Age Range:
7 - 60 Years
Study Categories: