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The Center for Applied Genomics (CAG) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of 10 sites that receives funds from the National Institutes of Health as part of the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network.

The primary goals of this program are to identify disease risks faced by patients and their families, and to determine the most appropriate actions we can take to improve health outcomes. The program specifically focuses on African American children and their families, who will constitute 75 percent of participants.

During the current phase, the Network is delving into comprehensive genetic risk, examining genetic risk at multiple sites across the genome (polygenic risk), genetic risk from a single gene (monogenic risk), family history risk, as well as clinical risk. How to combine these risk types and deliver risk assessments to participants and providers is one of the major goals of the Network.

eMERGE will also incorporate computer-based programs to analyze electronic health records and provide reminders and prompts to healthcare providers. This process, called electronic clinical decision support, is meant to help physicians and other healthcare professionals make clinical decisions for their patients.


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Center for Applied Genomics receives NIH funding to study the risk of disease in African Americans by combining genomic and environmental factors.