Eisenlohr Laboratory



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The Eisenlohr Laboratory studies four basic aspects of adaptive immune responses: the cell biology of MHC class I-restricted antigen processing and presentation; The cell biology of MHC class II-restricted antigen processing and presentation; CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses, functionality and memory; and Cancer immunotherapy and autoimmunity.

For much of the work in areas 1-3 the lab utilizes several virus-based systems, including influenza, several poxviruses and HIV. These studies frequently inform the fourth area.

Funded projects:

  • Alternative MHCII Processing of Influenza Virus Proteins
  • MHCII Cross-presentation as a Driver of CD4+ T Cell Responses to Poxviruses
  • Major contribution of non-classical antigen processing to Salmonella Typhimurium-specific CD4+ T cell responses
  • Defining the MHC-II processing and presentation landscape of HIV-1
Laurence C. Eisenlohr

Laurence "Ike" Eisenlohr, VMD, PhD

Dr. Eisenlohr studies the fundamental aspects of host defense, primarily against virus infections such as influenza and HIV.