In the current climate of academic science, postdoctoral training is all but required for career advancement and development. A 2004 study by the National Opinion Research Center found that 67 percent of those with a doctorate in the life sciences went on to postdoctoral positions after earning their degrees. Whether entering academia, industry or nonprofit sectors, successfully completing a postdoctoral fellowship is now the gold standard for researcher training.

But how do you choose an ideal postdoctoral fellowship? What makes a successful postdoc? These questions can be troublesome for graduate students and second-round postdocs alike. These general tips can help you in your endeavors:

Why Postdoc at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia?

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute employs today's most productive and innovative scientists. The Hospital's research program is continually expanding and encompasses an extensive array of pediatric disorders. State-of-the-art equipment and core facilities support Hospital investigators as they conduct basic, clinical and translational research.

Postdoctoral fellows are essential components of the Hospital's research enterprise and they receive unparalleled support throughout their fellowships. In addition to comprehensive responsible conduct of research training, seminar presentations, lectures and attendance at professional meetings, postdocs gain access to the premier services provided by the University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Postdoctoral Program (BPP). The BPP sponsors programs and events that support our postdocs' lifestyle and career goals, including one-on-one career counseling services.

What Our Postdocs Say…

“It's great knowing that my research will ultimately benefit pediatric medicine and kids in need…”

“Children's Hospital has a very professional research environment with great opportunities for personal and professional development…”

“Research at Stokes is about more than just being number one; it is about fostering a community of success…”

Benefits Packages for Postdoctoral Fellows

Unlike many other postdoctoral training institutions, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers its postdoctoral fellows the same exceptional and comprehensive benefits package that is received by full-time Hospital employees. Benefits available to postdocs at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are described on the Benefits page.

Support for International Postdoctoral Fellows

International fellows have a unique set of needs beyond those of native postdocs. The Children's Hospital Research Human Resources department is sensitive to these challenges and provides information and assistance to foreign nationals. In addition, the Children's Hospital Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (formerly Research Education) has developed a unique interactive tool, "Mentoring International Postdocs: Working Together to Advance Science and Careers," to provide both mentors and international postdocs with the resources they need to foster successful and productive fellowships.

Additional resources include the National Postdoctoral Association's International Postdoc Survival Guide, which presents information on visas, tax guidelines and general advice on finding a postdoctoral fellowship and successfully establishing yourself in the United States.

Find a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Children's Hospital

Candidates should visit the Hospital job search tool to find advertised postdoctoral positions. You may also browse investigator profiles to find investigators doing research that interests you. Contact investigators directly to inquire about specific opportunities and further information.