Division of Oncology



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Research in the Division of Oncology falls under Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Childhood Cancer Research, which was established more than a decade ago as a state-of-the art program that integrates a wide array of basic, translational, and clinical research efforts.

The Center brings together the diverse talents of investigators in Children’s Hospital renowned multidisciplinary program in pediatric cancer research, patient care, and genomics.

Investigators leading laboratories and research programs in oncology continue their ground-breaking work uncovering the causes of childhood cancer and developing treatments that have improved the cure rates for these diseases.

The myriad research programs in oncology include topics such as adolescent and young adults, behavioral research, cancer genetics, cancer pathobiology, survivorship, predisposition, fertility preservation, developmental therapeutics, hematologic malignancies, neuro-oncology, neuroblastoma, Langerhans cell histiocytosis, solid tumors, retinoblastoma, and thyroid cancer.