Division of General Pediatrics



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The mission of the Division of General Pediatrics sounds simple yet has a profound and widespread impact: to generate knowledge aimed at helping patients, families, clinicians, and other stakeholders make better medical decisions on behalf of children. Investigators in the Division are particularly focused on promoting the development, identification, dissemination, and implementation of best practices and effective health policies to improve the health and well-being of children by investing in a research group skilled in health services research and epidemiologic methods.

With this epidemiologic and health services research skill set, investigators in the Division have become preeminent among general pediatric divisions, and members of this group have achieved national and international reputations for their research.

Specific research strengths in the Division revolve around addressing a wide variety of research agendas, from the innovation and improvement of pediatric primary care to the provision of complex and palliative care; from the treatment of asthma to the treatment of HIV to the prevention of child abuse; from home food preparation to population health — and these are just a few of the Division’s many research projects, all of which are integrated by a common set of research designs and methodologies.

Looking ahead, research projects in the Division of General Pediatrics are aimed at four key areas: innovative interventions for healthcare, community-engaged research, quality research, and clinical informatics research.