Division of Cardiology



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Recognized as one of the premier centers for cardiac services in the United States, the Division of Cardiology also has an equally dynamic and preeminent research program that embraces both clinical and basic science approaches.

Research within the Division has expanded significantly over the past two decades and today features a growing clinical research program with more than 220 active trials.

Supporting the Division’s efforts is the Cardiac Center Clinical Research Core, which facilitates, supports, and encourages all aspects of clinical research conducted within the Cardiac Center. The center features a range or services that include study design and consultation, identification of data resources, statistical consultation and services, and grant review, among others.

The Cardiac Center Research Core partners with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Clinical Futures and the Healthcare Analytics Unit to access their expansive research faculty and resources. Since its inception in the fall of 2016, over 70 projects have been supported.

In addition to the clinical programs, there is a strong research infrastructure for basic science research. With dedicated lab space and access to state-of-the-art equipment, basic science investigators in the Division of Cardiology are exploring experimental pharmacology and gene therapy, molecular genetics and cardiac development, cardiovascular pathophysiology, and translational research.