Engagement Across CHOP & Research Institute



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Many groups are actively engaged in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space across CHOP and the Research Institute:

At the level of the President and CEO, there is a Diversity and Executive Advisory Council. This Council advises the President and CEO on pertinent diversity issues and helps to resolve concerns, define enterprise initiatives, identify funding resources, and ensure internal and external communication on diversity and inclusion occurs.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion's Diversity & Inclusion Council for Equity (DICE), established in 2020, was designed to collaborate and operationalize the diversity plan within areas of CHOP, to appoint members from across the enterprise who will serve as thought leaders to advance the diversity and inclusion strategy, and to ensure alignment of departmental and division diversity initiatives with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the diversity strategy.

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is a Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff. The purpose of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion of the Medical Staff is to provide leadership, guidance, and oversight for recruiting and retaining a diverse physician work force. The Committee has diverse representation and consists of physician members from all clinical departments. The Committee is charged with developing and implementing a strategic plan with goals and objectives to promote best practices that will increase diversity among the medical staff.

The Department of Pediatrics Diversity and Equity Workgroup efforts are focused on three key areas: (1) recruitment through pipeline development, (2) advancement of diverse faculty through established opportunities, and (3) retention of diverse talent by creating an inclusive climate and a culture of wellness.

The Department of Pediatrics Diversity, Equity & Anti-racism Curriculum Committee formed in response to the outpouring of requests for support in educating our workforce. The committee is made up of divisional representatives working together to create an educational series focused on foundational topics necessary to develop a rich culture of anti-racist practice.

The Department of Pediatrics Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council is a leadership steering committee which oversees strategic implementation of initiatives. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champions from each division convene monthly.