CHOP strives to ensure better health for all children, whether they live in Philadelphia, the surrounding areas, or around the globe. 

Center for Autism Research

The Center for Autism Research (CAR) strives to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities in the community and to improve access for affected children to comprehensive, community-based, family-centered care through dissemination of information about ASD. To learn more about CAR, please click here.

Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Studies show that African-American and Hispanic children face disproportionate risks in motor vehicle-related accidents because they are less likely to be buckled up. Because of this, the Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program at CHOP partnered with Buckle Up for Life and worked with local churches to address the economic, cultural, and language barriers to motor vehicle safety in the African-American and Hispanic communities. Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program also provided car seats to those who could not afford them and made sure they were installed correctly. To learn more about CIRP, please click here.

CHOP Global Health

The humanitarian program of the Hospital’s Department of International Medicine is committed to improving the health of children in developing countries around the world. In the Dominican Republic, the clinical care program, Niños Primeros en Salud, provides free primary care to more than 500 children through 2,300 annual patient visits. In Botswana, CHOP collaborates with the University of Botswana School of Medicine to provide educational support and clinical care to its Department of Pediatrics in the academic referral hospital in Gaborone. To learn more about CHOP Global Health, please click here.

Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic

The Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic offers medical and psychosocial support for gender variant, gender non-conforming and transgender children and youth up to 21 years of age and their families. They also provide consultation and training for providers and organizations interested in learning how to serve the needs of gender variant youth. To learn more about the Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic, please click here.

Homeless Health Initiative

Homeless Health Initiative has celebrated 25 years of providing health outreach services with a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach that aims to reduce health disparities and improve healthcare access and health outcomes for children residing in homeless shelters. These services are provided in West Philadelphia shelters. To learn more about the Homeless Health Initiative, please click here.

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related DIsabilities

The mission of the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) program is to develop partnerships that enhance the health infrastructure of communities CHOP serves by improving services and resources for children and families of children with, or at risk for, neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders. LEND fellows collaborate with community-based organizations and government agencies on projects to improve the health of children in homeless shelters and children in the foster care system, improve employment opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities, improve access to PA emergency shelters for individuals with disabilities and improve access to healthcare for children who are undocumented immigrants, among other projects. To learn more about LEND, please click here.

Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality

The Human Rights Campaign, the country’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, has recognized CHOP as an LGBT Healthcare Equality Leader. CHOP earned top marks in four leadership areas: Patient Non-Discrimination; Equality of Family Visitation; Employment Non-Discrimination; and Training in LGBT Patient-Centered Care.

Philadelphia Family Pride

CHOP hosted Philadelphia Family Pride's Family Matters Conference for LGBT-parented families in 2015. A day-long event of education, networking, parenting resources and programming, the conference’s theme of “Mind, Body and Soul” covered a wide variety of topics, including workshops on how to provide the best medical providers for your family; gender roles and parenting; and fertility and adoption options for LGBT families.

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Each June, CHOP participates in the Annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, which informs and educates trans individuals, allies and healthcare workers on a variety of issues related to trans health and well-being. Professional development programs are also provided to enhance culturally competent care for the transgender community. To learn more about the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, please click here.

Refugee Health Program

CHOP’s Refugee Health Program works to ensure that all refugee children have a healthy start to their lives in the U.S. Each year, almost 800 refugee families arrive in Philadelphia in search of freedom, peace, and opportunity for themselves and their families. The healthcare needs of these children are the same as, if not more extensive than, any child in the United States. To learn more about the Refugee Health Program, please click here.

Violence Prevention Initiative

CHOP, through the Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Center (PCVPV), has a comprehensive approach toward violence prevention in nearby communities. Several programs are offered that identify, develop, and implement research-based strategies to reduce violence and its effects on children. To learn more about the Violence Prevention Initiative, please click here.